08-12-24 21:00

CTEC DCS Obtained Test Certificate of Marine Products


On Dec 28th, the nuclear safety DCS platform FirmSys and specified I&C platform SpeedyHold developed by CTEC obtained the test certificates for marine products issued by the China Classification Society (CCS). The two digital I&C products that are originally designed for nuclear power plants are the first ones of this kind having passed certification for marine equipment in the country, which are expected to expand their application in small offshore NPPs and shipbuilding industries.

The two platforms FirmSys and SpeedyHold have successfully applied in several 1000MW NPPs in China. Based on the rich engineering experience on land, CTEC and its partner China Nuclear Power Research Institute, CCS and its Wuhan branch jointly formulated the inspection process research and technical scheme of the application on ships. And the scheme passed the site review in December. The quality assurance system, product inspection process, platform design and equipment hardware qualification, software validation and verification of CTEC, as well as the results of type tests, have been fully affirmed by the ship supervisors. 

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