08-12-24 21:00

CTEC Issues DCS Corporate Standard



CTEC issued DCS TECHNIQUE REQUIREMENTS OF NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS Q/GLHJ000001-2008 as a corporate standard on Dec 25th, 2008, which will take effect from June 1st, 2009.

The standard, through 1 and half year of cross-check, is finished by considering both the developing trend of nuclear power industry and the actual situation of the company based on relate domestic and international industrial standards. The DCS TECHNIQUE REQUIREMENTS OF NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS covers the overall lifecycle from research and development, manufacturing, procurement, inspection, authentication, packing, transportation to storage. It solidifies our experiences and expertise of technique, management, operation and maintenance, which boasts the 1st complete standard system in Chinese nuclear DCS industry with its own intellectual property.

The publication and implementation of the corporate standard has an instructive significance on standardizing our product development and engineering design, strengthening the organization management, shortening project cycles, reducing manufacturing costs and improving product quality.

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