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CTEC-Debut at Expo NUCLEAR 2009




On Apr 19th 2009, the 8th International Exhibition on Nuclear Power Industry 2009 welcomes its opening ceremony at Beijing International Exhibition Center with many government leaders present, including Sokurov (Vice Director of International Atomic Energy Agency), Wang Yiren (Vice Director of Commission on Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense), Wu Yin (Chief Engineer of National Energy Administration), Zhou Shirong (Vice Chief of National Nuclear Safety Administration) and Zhang Huazhu (Chairman of China Nuclear Energy Association).




The exhibition, chiefly held by China Nuclear Energy Association, lasted 3 days and had more than 200 nuclear power enterprises and research institutions attended, who came from 15 countries and areas of Asia, Europe, and America. CTEC presented together with CGNPC at the event for the purpose of erecting the national nuclear I&C brand. On the expo we highlighted our strength on technical R&D, quality assurance, engineering service and international cooperation, exchanged experiences and strengthened cooperation with other companies. CTEC GM Hao Zhijian, First Vice-GM Yang Zhou, and Chief Engineer Zhu Yi-ming attended the expo and made introductions to the visitors about the self-developed nuclear power I&C products of CTEC. Wang Yiren, Vice Director of COSTIND, Zhou Shirong, Vice Chief of NNSA, Zhang Huazhu, Chairman of CNEA made a visit to our booth and watched the demonstration of the DCS sample system.


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