08-12-24 21:00

CTEC Simulator Listed in Government Procurement




On the second signing ceremony of Beijing Municipal Government procuring independent innovation products of Zhong Guan Cun Science Park, CTEC signed a contract with China Nuclear Power (Beijing) Simulation Technology Co., Ltd. (CNPSC) for supplying its non-safety I&C simulation system for 1000MW nuclear power plants.


CTEC is a joint venture co-funded by China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group and Beijing Hollysys Co., Ltd. It now has the completely independent intellectual property right in its non-safety I&C simulation system. In Aug 2007, CTEC started working on the manufacturing and commissioning of part FSS equipments for unit 1&2 of the full-digital control, large-scale nuclear power plant Liaoning Hong Yan-he. Later in Apr 2009, CTEC took over the manufacturing and commissioning of FSS non-safety virtual DCS for unit 1&2 of Ningde nuclear power plant.

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