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China's Largest KIT/KPS Renovation Project Passed National Appraisal



On Aug 28th, the Technical Appraisal Meeting of KIT/KPS System for Unit 1&2 of Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station was launched successfully at Daya Bay Nuclear Power Base in Shenzhen. It was organized by National Energy Administration (NEA), hosted by China Machinery Industry Federation (CMIF) and undertaken by both Daya Bay Nuclear Power Operation and Management Company (DNMC) and CTEC.
On the meeting, an expert team formed by delegates from National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), NEA, CMIF, Nuclear and Radiation Safety Center (NSC) of Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP), China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group (CGNPC) and China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC), agreed that the renovated system has not only realized all the functions of the original KIT/KPS system but also added more advanced application functions. It has surpassed the former system in many performance indicators, such as reliability, real-time, data capacity, openness, extensibility and availability, which brought to the plant significant economic benefits and social effects.
The I&C system is the heart of the main control room in a nuclear power station (NPS), of which KIT/KPS system is a crucial part. It's mainly responsible for the operation data acquisition and centralized processing for the main equipments in NI and CI. It can provide the control room operator with various information that required by normal operation, accident diagnosis and post-incident analysis. In this way it can ensure the safe operation of a NPS.
The KIT/KPS renovation of Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station is the largest renovation project of the digital data acquisition and centralized processing system (KIT/KPS) for one-mega kilowatt NPS in China. It is also the largest I&C system renovation project in the country, which involving in the KIT/KPS systems for Unit 1&2 of Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station. The original system there had been running for over ten years, facing problems such as old equipment, hard-to-acquire spare parts, backward computer system, unsatisfied performances and poor extensibility, which was hard to meet the requirements of the operations and management staff in the NPS. Therefore, renovating it had become an urgent task of the NPS. In April 2007, CTEC and DNMC took over the renovation engineering work of the KIT/KPS system in Daya Bay NPS Unit 1&2. After two years R&D, the KIT/KPS renovation work of Unit 2 and Unit 1 was completed respectively in November 2008 and May 2009. Until now, both of the two units' digital KIT/KPS systems have been running stably without any failure.

The renovated KIT/KPS adopts the new system MACS 6 which adds new interface features, improves system performances and reduces operation & maintenance costs. To finish such a scale of computer system renovation work and realize a qualitative leap in nuclear power DCS technology has made a milestone contribution to the country even the world's nuclear DCS development. Thanks to its continuous technical innovation, CTEC has the systems successfully developed, implemented and passed the national appraisal, which shows the company has stepped onto a new stage in project management, system design, and on-site implementation/control capabilities of its nuclear power I&C system business. The success will no doubt better ensure the operation safety and cut down the construction cost of a NPS.

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