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Innovation Lead the Way of China Nuclear DCS Development



Nuclear power is a demanding industry with its requirements of high safety and reliability for system equipment suppliers. CTEC, a promising company, has fully participated in the DCS supply at home and abroad.


On April 8, when visiting CTEC, the journalist knew this company has accumulated more than 10 years' experience in the field of nuclear power I&C system and its business involves all the nuclear power plants both in service and under construction in China. Therefore, we can say it has a dominate role in the domestic DCS industry. 


Talent Strategies Lead to Substantial Achievements


The competition in Science and Technology can be attributed to the competition in talent.


CTEC has a skillful and professional team which has been engaged in nuclear power engineering operation and DCS system development for over 10 years. Its project management and technical staff have demonstrated their competence in large-scale DCS engineering design operation and service. And excellent planning, organization, management and engineering experience was accumulated as years went by to ensure the smooth implementation of every engineering and R&D project. 


In the meanwhile, CTEC has a talent-selection mechanism which is not limited to working experience, but takes the principle of "élites are hired and promoted". Each member can feel himself highly-valued and thus work harder in the organization. The mechanism greatly motivates the staff's innovation competence.


In 2008, CTEC undertook three key sub-tasks of the National High Technology Research and Development Program of China (863 Program), developing the "digital I&C system for 1000MW nuclear power plants": R&D of nuclear safety digital I&C system, technical research of nuclear safety software verification and validation (V&V), and integration of digital I&C system in nuclear power stations. In the process of project research and manufacturing, CTEC has obtained many patents of independent intellectual property rights, which reflects the developed R&D and innovation competence of the company.


Outstanding Performance Forecasts Broad Prospects 


In those key projects, CTEC got matured in R&D, project execution and management competence.


Since the 1st 10 MW HTR process automation control project for Institute of Nuclear Energy Technology of Tsinghua University in 1997, CTEC has accomplished projects CI DCS for10 MW HTR and the on-line monitoring system for the physical start-up of 10WM reactor in succession. Thanks to its long-term technical accumulation and high-quality service, CTEC won the supply contract of the control system for the nuclear fuel elements cladding furnace of the high temperature gas-cooled reactor in January, 2008. 


Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant KIT&KPS refurbishing project in May, 2005 is the largest so far in terms of the nuclear power I&C system refurbishing project ever undertaken by CTEC and all Chinese companies. Overwhelming the tight project duration, high risks and implementation difficulties, CTEC eventually won customer's trust and praise with a high engineering quality. This success brought CTEC rich experiences for follow-up KIT/KPS refurbishing projects.


In November 2007, the CEFR (China Experimental Fast Reactor) digital process parameter monitoring system developed by CTEC has won a favorable appraisal of China Institute of Atomic Energy.


The 300mw Unit 2 of Chashma Nuclear Power Plant in Pakistan is a joint construction project by China and Pakistan. It is not only a symbol of Sino-Pakistan high-tech cooperation, but also a model for international cooperation in peaceful utilization of nuclear energy. In this project, CTEC provides full-life-cycle solutions from consultation, design, R&D to engineering implementation, system integration, and maintenance services. In August 2008, the system equipments passed 150-day reliability test. This is the second Sino-Pakistan cooperation 12 years after Unit 1 of Chashma Nuclear Power Plant, which has strongly proved CTEC's fast development and leading position in the field of digital I&C system.

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