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Stand on Shoulders of Giants, Undertake Historical Mission



China Techenergy Co., Ltd. (CTEC), a joint venture co-funded on October 18, 2005 by China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group (CGNPC) and Beijing Hollysys Co., Ltd. (HOLLYSYS), mainly engaged in engineering design of digital I&C systems, products manufacturing, system integration, customized HW/SW development, installation and commissioning, and technical service for nuclear power plants (NPPs). The success in many nationwide key nuclear projects, such as Liaoning Hong Yan-he NPP and Fujian Ningde NPP, contributes to CTEC's leader position in domestic nuclear DCS industry. After a thorough talk with General Manager Hao Zhijian of CTEC, we recognized such a status is not achieved overnight but thanks to its solid developing process and deep sense of missions.

NPP DCS System Pioneer in China
Originated from the Sixth Research Institute (electronics) of MII and the nuclear department of HOLLYSYS, with 16-year experiences in DCS system design and equipments-supply service for NPP, CTEC has made itself remarkable no matter in the developing history of the industry or projects undertaken.
DCS, known as the nerve center of NPPs, is extremely crucial to the monitoring, control, safe running of the whole plant.
GM Hao Zhi-jian said frankly"CTEC actually stands on the shoulders of two giants, one is the leader of China automation industry, the other is the only central enterprise with nuclear power industry background and rich NPP operation experience in China. Together with rich DCS application experiences of HOLLYSYS, CTEC can take the technical advantages into better play. The turning point means a higher beginning for the company. We have the common mission of the two shareholders on shoulders." 
Nuclear power generation is a vey complicated process. As the nerve center of NPP operation, nuclear digital I&C system has to tightly couple with the process design. The whole process from a DCS contract signing to its execution, design, manufacturing, assembly, testing and installation on site, usually will last for about 4 years. Long project circle, high complexity, complex interfaces as well as demanding requirements for system safety and reliability decide that it's going to be a tough work. With two generations' efforts, successful application experiences are gained in pressurized water reactor (PWR), heavy water reactor (HWR), fast reactor (FR) and high temperature gas-cooled reactor (HTR). Through these projects, CTEC has acquired deep understanding of process characteristics, system requirements & specifications and related testing standards of DCS, which enables it more competitive in the market.
For CTEC, innovation is endless. Just as Mr. Hao said, "our staff will take this mission as a driving force to make more progress."
After sixteen years of development, mind-unchanged CTEC staff has made one breakthrough after another. Times makes heroes, while heroes shape the times. Since the reform and opening-up, China nuclear power industry has experienced the change from zero to hero, not only owns its own technological brands, but also becomes the No.1 in terms of NPP installed capacity under construction and in planning. Such a prosperous today of China's nuclear power industry is exactly created by many enterprises like CTEC who vowed to its development. After energy build-up in passed three decades, a new era has come. Standing on the giants' shoulders, CTEC has undertaken its historical mission. We expect her to bring us more amazing surprises and glorious successes in the future.


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