08-12-24 21:00

EDF Executive Vice President Visits CTEC




On Sep 2nd, accompanied by Lu Wei, Vice General Manager of Investment Development Dept. of CGNPC, Mr. Herve Machenaud, EDF Executive Vice President and Asia Pacific Branch President, Mr. Jean-Yves Guignard, EDF Chief Executive Officer, and Mr. Gong Lei, Industry Engineer from Nuclear Power Dept. of EDF Asia Pacific Branch-China Division made a visit to CTEC.
In Yongfeng manufacturing base, CTEC Chief Marketing Director Xiao Yuhua introduced the company's production capacity and application experience. Mr. Machenaud asked in detail about cabinet assembly and warmly praised our technical capability and sound performance.
After a brief introduction about the company, the two parties had a friendly communication. When talking about CTEC's strategies of exploiting international market, Mr. Machenaud kindly gave his opinions and suggestions.
EDF is a leader of European energy market, whose business covers power generation, power transmission and distribution, energy trade as well as power and natural gas trade. As the world's largest nuclear power operator, it  has 58 nuclear power units in service in France and boasts a turnover of 64.3 billion Euros in 2008.

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