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MOU Signing Ceremony Between CNPEC France, ATOS Worldgrid and CTEC
21 April, 2012
Loong Palace Hotel & Resort, Beijing
CNPEC, ATOS, CNPEC France, ATOS Worldgrid, and CTEC

Event Review: 

On Apr 21st 2012, CNPEC France, ATOS Worldgrid and CTEC signed the MOU in Beijing to strengthen international cooperation in energy industry especially in civil nuclear energy field. Mr. Lu Wei, General Manager of CNPEC France, Mr. Thierry Breton, Chairman and CEO of ATOS, Mr. Jiang Guojin, Vice General Manager of CTEC signed on the MOU on behalf of each party. Mr. Shu Guogang, General Manager of CNPEC and Chairman of the Board of CTEC attended the ceremony and made a speech. The activity was presided over by Mr. Shangguan Bin, Assistant General Manager of CNPEC. The signing of the MOU is believed to be helpful for the three parties to establish a more stable cooperative relationship and achieve powerful combination of advantages.

Mr. Zhang Qibo, Deputy General Manager and CFO of CNPEC; Mr. De Parscau, CEO of ATOS Worldgrid; Mr. Hao Zhijian, General Manager, Mr. Yang Zhou, Vice General Manager, Mr. Zhang Chengbo, CFO, and Mr. Xiao Yuhua, Marketing & Sales Director of CTEC attended the ceremony.
Background of Signatories:
CNPEC is a major member company of CGNPC. It is the first company specialized in nuclear power project construction and management in China. In addition to its main business, nuclear power engineering project construction, it’s also engaged in other clean energy projects. With its business range covering 4 aspects, E (design and design management), P (procurement and equipment supervision), C (construction management) and S (commissioning and startup), the company remains committed to improving the construction level, economy and competitiveness of nuclear power projects.

As a member company of CGNPC, CTEC is a company specialized in design, manufacturing and engineering service of nuclear power digital I&C systems. It has the capabilities of providing full-life-cycle supply and technical service, including R&D, engineering design, product manufacturing, system integration and testing, installation and commissioning, and operation maintenance. CTEC possesses self-owned core technologies in safety-classified DCS and specific I&C systems. The company now has undertaken the supply of DCS for 14 CPR1000 PWR units as well as the full-scope DCS of Shidao Bay HTR NPP (including non-safety and safety parts). 

As a globally leading IT company, ATOS Worldgrid’s business spans many industries. It embraces rich experience in energy industry and plays an important role in French nuclear power I&C supply chain.
Mr. Shu Guogang, General Manager of CNPEC, and Chairman of the Board, CTEC
Mr. Thierry Breton, Chairman and CEO of ATOS


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