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Emergency Command System (EMInfoSys)

EG Building is a command center of a nuclear power plant for security control, emergency command, environment monitoring, overall assessment, emergent alarm and communication with NNSA and local emergency command administrations under emergent circumstances.

Emergency Decision-Making Support System for nuclear power plants is developed based on the plant’s emergency plan, which can efficiently receive, store, analyze, handle and release various information from different regions of the plant, and format precise emergency command instructions suppose accidents take place. This provides a good technical support for emergency management and command decision-making, and at the same time makes the process more scientific and efficient.

System Features

  • EMInfoSys is a system with an independent intellectual property right
  • Provide emergency data monitoring, judgment and decision-making support, and response procedure support
  • 采用C/S + B/S结构,实时、功能齐全的应急数据采集以及应急决策支撑,为应急总指挥、应急专业组、应急信息浏览人员提供了一个完整的应急信息平台
  • C/S + B/S structure, real-time, function-complete emergency data acquisition and decision-making support to provide the emergency commander and operator a complete information platform
  • Support abundant data interfaces such as OPC, MODBUS, ODBC and etc. for an easier communication with any 3rd party system
  • Integrated emergency command procedure, specified for nuclear power plants’ emergency work, support emergency drill operation
  • Open, safe, reliable, expandable and easy to use

Application Experiences

  • Emergency Command System for 2×1000MW Units of Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant Phase I
  • Emergency Data Transmission and Acquisition Software and Database Development for National Environmental Monitoring Nuclear and Radiation Accident of the State Environmental Protection Administration (State Nuclear Safety Bureau of China)
  • Computer Information System of Emergency Command Center for 2×600MW Units of Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant Phase II
  • Emergency Decision-Making Support System for 2×600MW Units of Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant Phase II
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