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FSS Virtual DCS for Nuclear Power Plants (FSS)

A FSS combines knowledge of integrated design management, simulation technology, computer science and nuclear power engineering. With simulation integration as a platform, it can support model online revising and commissioning, sound database management, simulation operation management and I/O&network control functions. The system is mainly used to train NPP operators and improve their skill and competence, which is considered a key to ensure the safe and reliable operation of a nuclear power plant. FSS is also an important verification means of updated designs and revised operation regulations in the plant.

System Application (Full-Scope Simulator for Nuclear Power Plants)

  • Operator training
  • Operator license examination
  • Support periodical emergency drills in nuclear power plants according to the requirements of the Sate Nuclear Safety Bureau
  • Learning, verifying and confirming the design and modifications of the I&C system (V&V platform), including the human-machine interface part based on computer in the control room, process control, plant operation/emergency instruction, plant control and operation optimization, plant instantaneous state analysis and etc.
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System Features (Non-Safety DCS Simulator)

  • Stimulation and emulation design for an identical human-machine interface and real DCS functions, easy to maintain
  • High IC storing and IC loading speed, less than 1 minute
  • IC management tool, former IC compatible when upgrading DCS application software
  • Support full playback function including the operation playback on the human-machine interface
  • Be able to simulate all faults supported by real DCS

Application Experiences

  • Full-Scope Simulator (FSS) for 4×1000MW Units 1-4 of Hong Yanhe Nuclear Power Plant
  • Full-Scope Simulator (FSS) for 2×1000MW Units 3&4 of Ningde Nuclear Power Plant
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