08-12-24 21:00

LOCA Surveillance System (LSS)

LOCA Surveillance System (LSS) developed by CTEC can continuously monitor the operation status of reactors and display the results in terms of values, graphs, curves and etc. In case of any abnormal situation, alarm and control signals will be given to help operator monitor the operation of reactor core, which guarantees no doubt the safe operation of the whole nuclear plant. The system is designed together with a uniform maintenance and repair platform to better reduce the aftersales cost.

System Features

  • Direct display on the main DCS operator station based on sophisticated computer and internet technologies
  • Seamless integration with the main DCS to ensure a consistent display style and less devices used
  • Complete system data provided to facilitate future maintenance
  • Self-diagnosis and instruction functions for an easy fault location

Application Experiences

  • LOCA Surveillance System (LSS) for Unit 1&2 of Hong Yanhe NPP
  • LOCA Surveillance System (LSS) for Unit 1&2 of Ningde NPP
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